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Ron Greenspan

Ronald F. Greenspan

  • Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader Real Estate Solutions
  • Corporate Finance
  • T: +1 213 689 1200
  • F: +1 213 689 1220
Connect with Me:
    • 350 S. Grand Avenue
    • Suite 3000
    • Los Angeles, CA, 90071
    • United States
    • T: +1 213 689 1200
    • F: +1 213 689 1220

Ronald Greenspan specializes in high-profile advisory, bankruptcy and litigation engagements. Mr. Greenspan has close to 40 years of diverse international experience, including representing all stakeholders, including companies/investors, lenders and equity interests.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Greenspan was a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Prior to that, he held senior management positions as the Chief Operating Officer of Los Angeles Land Companies, the Executive Vice President of Brookside Savings & Loan Association and the Executive Vice President of The Heritage Group.

Mr. Greenspan has contributed articles to TMA Journal of Corporate Renewal, ABI Journal, American Banker, Daily Bankruptcy Review and the Urban Land Institute. His most recent articles include “Money Changes Everything” (Daily Bankruptcy Review, June 16, 2010); “2009 – It Was a Very ____ Year” (Daily Bankruptcy Review, January 13, 2010); “Real Estate Workouts: Building a New Paradigm” (ABI Journal, 2009); “Interview, Selection, Retention and Role of Financial Advisors” (Inside the Minds: The Role of Creditors’ Committees in Chapter 11 Bankruptcies, 2008); “Description of the Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities Markets, Roles of Principal Participants and Key Terms” (Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities Litigation Handbook, 2008); “Recovery In U.S. Homebuilding Sector Is Likely To Take Several More Years” (Daily Bankruptcy Review, 2008); “Predicting Corporate-Default Cycle Upended by History-Bucking Trends” (Daily Bankruptcy Review, 2007); “Homebuilders: A Cycle Unlike Prior Cycles” (Daily Bankruptcy Review, 2006); “KERP’s Are out, But Incentives Are In” (TMA Journal of Corporate Renewal, 2006); and ‘“UnTill” We Meet Again: Why Till Might Not Be the Last Word on Cram Down Interest Rates” (ABI Journal, 2004).

Mr. Greenspan has given numerous speeches and presentations at conferences, seminars and forums over the past 21 years. His topics have included “Subordination of Senior Lender Liens: How You Can Be Right, But Oh So Wrong”; “Real Estate Services in a Countercyclical Environment”; "Peering in on Commercial Real Estate: How Distressed Will it Get?"; “Industry Trends: Who Will Benefit From and Who Will Labor Under the Economic Recovery”; “When the Game Changes-A Path to Recovery and Renewal for the Irish Economy”; “Prospects for the Residential Market”; “Economic Update on the Economy/Housing Market”; “How Safe is the Harbor? Navigating Restructurings Involving Insurance Company and Other Specialized Counterparts, CD’s, Mortgage Reps, Biofuels Contracts and Obscure Derivatives”; “Distressed Investing: How to Make Money in 2009 - Opportunities Arising from the Structured Finance Meltdown” and “Bankruptcies, Builders And Banks: What the Current Housing Market Collapse Means for Insolvency Practitioners and Key Stakeholders - When Will the Recovery Occur?”.

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