EU-Japan FTA: A Step Towards a Seamless Business Environment

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February 7, 2014

The potential for closer links between the European Union and Japan is too important to ignore, not only for both parties but for the world economy. Brussels and Tokyo are now intensively working on strengthening their economic and political ties. At present the EU and Japan are working towards a Framework Agreement covering not only political dialogue and policy cooperation, but also on regional and global issues.

Furthermore, negotiations have been launched on an EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) / Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The eventual agreement aims to strengthen economic relations, create stronger trade ties and stimulate growth in both economic regions, and is expected to be concluded soon.

As an important review of the negotiation process approaches in April 2014 – when the EU may decide to leave the table – this snapshot analyses the current negotiating positions of both the EU and Japan and reviews the timeframe by which an agreement could become a reality.

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