The Social Divide and the ASX: Engagement is Soaring

Strategic Communications

November 10, 2017


In the 6th edition of FTI Consulting’s Social Divide Index, our findings reveal that audiences are engaging significantly more with ASX 100 companies who communicate their financial results on social media. Compared to our previous report, we recorded an impressive 117% increase in interactions with financial results content.

The increase is heavily weighted to the top five businesses, who account for 69% of the total number of engagements, showing a real gap between ASX 100 companies and a huge opportunity for those not taking advantage of social media channels when publishing financial results.

While social media strategies can seem daunting for companies who have yet to fully adopt this approach to communications, our winner in this edition is an excellent example as to how a little bit can go a long way when it comes to social – having achieved an outstanding 15,183 interactions in its first time ever using social media to report on financial results.

Overall, the number of companies that communicated their latest financial results on social media increased from 53 to 59, and the number of results-related posts on the three platforms we analysed increased from 259 to 303. Twitter continues to lead the way as the social media channel of choice, while the use of LinkedIn increased during this reporting period and YouTube remains remarkably underutilised.

In this report, we take a look at the tools and techniques that businesses are using to extend the reach of their content and provide a guide on best practices that will make audiences want to engage with your business.

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