Experiences of the Partnership Between Private Equity Investors and Owner Managed Businesses

Corporate Finance - Merger & Acquisition Report

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

October 28, 2019


Owner Managed Businesses form an integral part of South Africa’s economic landscape. The country’s history is closely linked to many of these businesses, which, forged from an entrepreneurial spirit, have gone on to grow into global conglomerates, competing with the best in their sectors from around the world.

There is also a plethora of mid-tier Owner Managed Businesses which remain an important part of the growth engine of our economy. Some of these businesses have remained in the same family for generation after generation. Others are relatively young and have only grown exponentially in recent years.

Over the past few decades South Africa’s thriving Private Equity sector has enabled many Owner Managed Businesses to unlock the value in their businesses through well structured, win-win transactions.

In this report, our Corporate Finance team in South Africa share useful insights into the experiences and perspectives of both Private Equity Investors and the Owner Managers in concluding deals, what needs to be considered and challenges to overcome to ensure a successful partnership.

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