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October 30, 2013

An increasingly interdependent and complex marketplace makes it more challenging than ever for companies to address issues and navigate business crises. This is particularly true in Asia where public and private companies routinely need to deal with cross-border disputes and lawsuits, regulatory inquiries, accusations of fraud or bribery, business interruption from natural disasters, product recalls, counterfeiting of products and a myriad of other issues.

The environment to navigate is complicated and the interrelated nature of issues requires a multidisciplinary approach to doing so. In times of need, companies and their legal and financial advisors should partner with a team of professionals who have a unique ability to understand and solve extremely complex problems, identify opportunities and develop integrated solutions. This is where FTI Consulting is able to come in. 

The power of the full FTI Consulting offering – which brings together practices including Strategic Communications, Global Risk and Investigations, Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance and Technology – is undeniable during times of crisis. In order to ensure that companies and their legal advisors doing business in Asia are aware of our offering and capabilities, during the past several months a cross-practice FTI Consulting team has been holding meetings with key law firms in Hong Kong. At these events, FTI Consulting has showcased how we can address complex business problems and crises as one firm able to develop integrated and multifaceted solutions.

Through a panel discussion, our team presents a hypothetical situation that a company could possibly face in Asia – one that includes potential fraud, lawsuits and reputational damage. Using the hypothetical situation to drive the discussion allows the panel to describe FTI Consulting’s approach to “surrounding” a business problem – bringing to bear forensic accounting, investigation services, restructuring expertise and crisis communications strategies to diagnose and dissect an issue and then provide a comprehensive roadmap to recovery.  The discussions with the attorneys in the audience are open and interactive and useful to all involved.

Should you be interested in holding a similar panel discussion for your organisation, customised to your team and business, please feel free to contact us

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