FTI Consulting, Stifel and Pillsbury Co-Host “Best Practices Before and After Your U.S. IPO” Seminar

Strategic Communications

March 18, 2015

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) represents a major milestone in a company’s corporate evolution. It is also a complex process that requires careful planning and consideration. As changes in the investment environment and regulatory landscape continue to heighten the scrutiny of public companies, businesses are faced with more challenges as they look to go public and operate as a public company.

In March, FTI Consulting co-hosted a seminar entitled “Best Practices Before and After Your U.S. IPO” with investment bank Stifel and law firm Pillsbury. During the seminar, representatives from each of these firms were joined by two CFOs of China-based companies listed in the U.S. to discuss key issues that pre-IPO Chinese companies should understand and prepare for prior to a U.S. listing. Together the group highlighted important market expectations placed on a public company and best practices that can help pre-IPO businesses effectively transition into being a successful public entity.

Participants heard practical insights and case studies on the following topics:

  • Identifying and understanding your investors, learning to manage their expectations and provide them with valuable and positive earnings information
  • Recognising who your short sellers may be, how they operate, and most importantly, how to avoid or mitigate any challenges that they may create
  • Understanding important disclosure regulations and pitfalls, compliance requirements and other key legal issues facing public companies today, and what to do now to prepare
  • Why communications in the lead-up, during and after the IPO is so important and what a company can do in terms of investor relations to ‘set itself apart’ in the crowded capital markets space
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