FTI Consulting Shares Views About Gender in the PR Industry

Strategic Communications

July 7, 2015

On Tuesday 7 July, Christine Wood (Managing Director, Hong Kong) joined a panel discussion hosted by the Hong Kong PR Network. The event attracted a large audience, all keen to hear about “Women in the PR World – Roles of Female PR Professionals in the Era of Transition.”

The debate dove into the issues of why so few women become top executives at PR firms, despite being the majority of the workforce in that industry. The discussion not only explored the reasons behind this at PR firms but also how smart companies are starting to recognise that a more diverse workforce, especially at a leadership level, positively impacts the bottom line and is increasingly something clients are demanding. It was agreed that the PR industry is evolving but has some way to go. Some of the solutions proposed revolved around training as well as educating both men and women on some of the unconscious biases that women face in the workforce, the importance of teaching women entering the industry how to effectively negotiate and how to build their own network with confidence.

With increased diversity in the communications industry, Christine explained that the most important thing a company can do is to educate employees in order to avoid discrimination and promote inclusion. The event was very well received and attended by professionals within the PR and communications industry and FTI Consulting was delighted to share insights on such a topical subject.

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