FTI Consulting Presents on Protecting Brand and Reputation During a Crisis

Strategic Communications

August 25, 2015

A company’s brand and reputation are most at risk during times of crisis or during sensitive events such as litigation or public hearings, regulatory investigations or corporate disputes that can unfold in full view of the public eye. To protect a company during such vulnerable periods, management teams must carefully navigate risks to business continuity, financial position and reputation. Communications can and should play a very important role in this overall process.

On Tuesday 25 August, Cara O’Brien (Senior Managing Director, Hong Kong) was invited by the British Chamber of Commerce to present on “Protecting Brand and Reputation During a Crisis.” During the session, Cara stressed that in order for there to be life after a crisis, the importance of employing a sound strategic communications plan is paramount. Cara shared insights and practical tips on effective preparedness and contingency planning prior to a crisis taking place, advising companies to adopt the mindset of “prepare well, well in advance.” Cara also provided guidance on how to communicate with various important stakeholders to help maintain credibility and minimise reputational consequences when a crisis actually hits. Finally, she shared a selection of case studies to illustrate effective issues management and crisis communications strategies.

The seminar, which took place at The Hong Kong Club, attracted a number of specialists from professional services firms and corporates doing business in Asia.

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