FTI Consulting Presents on Crisis Communications and Issues Management for Professional Services Firms

Strategic Communications

January 29, 2015

A company’s brand and reputation are most at risk during crises, sensitive litigation or public hearings, regulatory investigations and various corporate disputes that unfold in public, in the courtroom and also in the media. To protect your company during a vulnerable period, teams must carefully consider and manage through various critical issues such as business continuity, financial risks and reputation damage.

In January, FTI Consulting partnered with industry networking group, the Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA), to speak on “Protecting Brand and Reputation During a Crisis.” The event, which took place in our Hong Kong office, attracted nearly 100 communications, marketing and business development specialists from a number of professional services firms.

The FTI Consulting team’s focus during the presentation was on the importance of employing a sound strategic communications plan during times of crisis. During the session, Ray Bashford (Asia Chairman, Strategic Communications), Cara O’Brien (Senior Managing Director) and Leo Wood (Senior Director) shared insights and practical tips on effective preparedness and contingency planning prior to a crisis taking place and provided guidance on how to communicate with various important stakeholders to help maintain credibility and minimise reputational consequences when a crisis actually hits. The team also shared insightful case studies on previous engagements they have worked on to illustrate effective issues management and crisis communications strategies.

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