FTI Consulting Joins a Panel Discussion About Increasing Regulatory Investigations in China and Related Risks for Multinational Firms

Strategic Communications

May 21, 2015

A new operating environment that is complex and fast-changing is emerging for businesses operating in China. This brings new risks and requirements for multinational companies that range from corruption to anti-trust laws, tougher safety standards, greater regulatory enforcement and tax compliance. Examining how to navigate complex regulatory investigations in mainland China is therefore a critical issue for government relations practitioners.

FTI Consulting was invited to participate at the Government Affairs Forum in Beijing, which is a high-level annual event organised by PublicAffairsAsia. Mark Rushton (Senior Director) took part in a panel session at the event entitled "State of Preparedness: Managing a Regulatory or Competition Investigation." The focus of the panel was on reasons why regulatory and competition investigations are on the rise in China and what companies should do to effectively manage such events. Mark shared insight on the need to prepare external communications strategies to complement government relations work when an investigation commences in order to maintain credibility and minimise negative reputational impact or fall-out.

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