FTI Consulting and BNY Mellon Co-Host Capital Markets Event in Indonesia

Spotlight on Indonesia – How Issuers Can Maximise the Opportunity and Manage the Risk

Strategic Communications

October 31, 2013

Throughout the past few years, there has been a positive spotlight on Indonesia and this has provided a significant competitive advantage for corporate issuers in the Indonesian capital market. However, not all companies are taking an active role in maximising the opportunity through global best practices in investor relations and investor engagement strategies.  Further, the recent instability in the Indonesian market has led to a risk of capital flight which in turn has created a much more competitive environment for the country’s publicly listed companies.

Against this backdrop and quickly evolving environment, in September FTI Consulting and BNY Mellon’s Asian Depositary Receipt team co-hosted a half-day capital markets focused event in Jakarta. The event was geared to Indonesia’s publicly listed corporates interested in discussing ways to maximise the significant investor attention on the Indonesian market while also navigating through what has become a quite volatile environment. 

The agenda included presentations given by FTI Consulting, BNY Mellon, Bahana Securities, Bloomberg, PT Indosat, and PT Adaro Energy.  The speakers covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Understanding current trends in the Indonesian and global macroeconomic environment
  • Introducing international best practices in disclosure and transparency
  • Listening to your stakeholders and staying ahead of the difficult questions
  • Accessing new investors and diversifying the shareholder base
  • Understanding views of the buy-side and sell-side community
  • Managing a global investor relations program

Attendance at the event was very high, with a number of Indonesia’s premier publicly listed companies attending to discuss best practices in investor relations and communications. An open and robust dialogue among presenters and attendees occurred – most certainly helping advance the discussion of how to effectively protect the status of Indonesian issuers and carve a path for continued success despite the surrounding market challenges.

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