FTI Consulting, Deutsche Bank and IPREO Co-Host Investor Relations Roundtable Event in Hong Kong

October 24, 2015

Identifying the right investors can be a complicated process, as can examining and understanding which asset classes can and should be used to expand and diversify your investor base. It can then also seem to take a great deal of time to ensure you are communicating consistently and effectively with your investor base as well as prospective shareholders.

Is there an easier way to accomplish these important needs and considerations as a public company?

This question and more topics related to effective investor relations strategies were discussed at a recent roundtable co-hosted by FTI Consulting, Deutsche Bank and IPREO. The discussion started with how to identify the most appropriate investor targets and gain more insight into how they are trading by using IPREO’s advanced targeting technology. FTI Consulting then led a discussion about how to create an effective investor relations programme that helps to connect, engage and build a long-term dialogue with these important investor targets. Lastly, Deutsche Bank outlined how Hong Kong-listed companies can consider broadening their investor base by expanding access to international investors through launching an American Depositary Receipts programme (ADRs).

Roundtable discussion topics included:

  • Identifying actionable insights on current and potential investors and gaining valuable insight on their trading behaviour.
  • Understanding how to match your company with qualified institutional investors at the firm and fund level.
  • Examining how to screen incoming investor inquiries and reach out to the right potential investors to make sure you set the right meetings and use the management team's time effectively.
  • Using depository receipts to tap investors and raise visibility outside of your home market.
  • Understanding the need to go beyond the basics of financial reporting to engage current and potential investors.
  • Developing a diversified communications programme that allows you to communicate directly or virtually with a geographically diverse set of shareholders.

In attendance were Chief Financial Officers and Investor Relations Officers from a number of Hong Kong-listed companies very interested in discussing best practices in investor relations. An open and robust dialogue among presenters and attendees occurred which proved useful for all involved.

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