Working Capital Management Service Sheet

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

December 17, 2018

Australian companies are operating with hidden treasures on their balance sheets. EU and US companies streamlined their working capital following the global financial crisis, yet many Australian companies have not brought their processes and systems on par with international peers. Work with us to close your working capital gap and release cash for strategic projects.

Our team of working capital experts consists of seasoned practitioners who bring decades of relevant experience in process optimisation and change management to drive projects with sustainable results. We are experienced in running complex engagements across regions and we place particular emphasis on stakeholder management to generate buy-in for change from the early stages of a project.

We support businesses to release large amounts of cash from working capital in a short timeframe. We generate these sustainable results by working with our clients’ staff and improving their internal processes, systems and controlling methods. The cash released is typically equivalent to 5-10% of revenue, making our projects strategic enablers for executives.

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Key Contact

Mark Dewar

Senior Managing Director, Australia Leader