Ringtail 8


April 1, 2014

Ringtail 8 is a single home for all of your e-discovery projects —simplifying project management, maximising productivity and delivering standout review and analysis software to your legal team. Based on more than 15 years of innovation, Ringtail 8 provides best-in-class capabilities to handle a broad range of critical e-discovery and document review challenges, including:

  • Data analysis and early case assessment
  • Internal and regulatory investigations, including second requests
  • Class action and multi-district litigation

No other review platform provides the scale, flexibility and powerful analytics of Ringtail 8. With integrated data processing, search, review, analysis and production, your team spends less time managing risky data handoffs between disparate tools and vendors. Whether Ringtail is deployed on-premise or as a service, its unmatched scale and performance give you the confidence to handle the global requirements of even your largest and most complex projects.

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