Radiance Visual Analytics


November 17, 2016

For corporate compliance and legal teams that need to assess and manage massive amounts of data in advance of risk, compliance and legal projects, Radiance is a complete, visual analytics platform capable of transforming your big data into the big picture.

Fast Data Assessment, Targeted Investigation

Whether performing early case assessments, time-pressured investigation or doing pre-discovery in advance of legal matters, Radiance helps organizations rapidly protect, control and understand their vast information ecosystem. Powered by an easy-to-use and master interface, Radiance features an integrated library of visualizations which allow your team to rapidly explore and analyze the metadata and content in the document ecosystem.

And with a connection framework that can import from a wide variety of data sources – from your largest archives and file systems to the latest cloud applications - Radiance is a single solution for all of your critical business data.

Visualize Metadata & Content for Rapid Insights

Optimized for large data volumes, Radiance can quickly visualize the metadata and content from hundreds of millions of documents – from a variety of sources – with a single click. Both interactive and engaging, these visualizations provide an unparalleled view into the trends, communication patterns, social networks and topics of discussion across the organization. In addition, Radiance can identify and visualize documents via an extensive list of entities, including concepts, foreign languages, credit card numbers and other forms of personally identifiable information (PII).

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