Post-Investment Monitoring Services

Global Risk and Investigations

March 12, 2014

An investor must expect that each investee company, its subsidiaries and key principals are conducting business to the highest standards of corporate governance – the smart investor is aware of issues before they become a major problem that could place their investment at risk.

Investors, especially those with limited internal resources, are increasingly realising the need to take more robust, proactive and often discreet actions in respect of their multi-million dollar investments to support standard asset management processes. This is particularly true for fund managers that have raised funds from institutional investors (such as pension funds and government-linked investors) who are now expecting and demanding far higher levels of integrity in their investments, more transparency and greater investment security.

A private equity investor typically has some form of audit rights, theoretical access to ‘the books’ and a seat on the board of directors of the Investee Company. However, investors often have limited real access to relevant information; they are informed early only on positive news, while negative information is often withheld or ‘massaged’. Our business intelligence services assist investors monitor potential investment risks, especially in less transparent emerging markets.

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