Political and Business Risk Assessment Services

Global Risk & Investigations Practice (GRIP)

January 5, 2015

Political risk is a clear and present danger to companies operating in today’ global economy. It may come from political instability, military conflict,terrorism, expropriation of assets or trade frictions. To understand and mitigate these threats, FTI Consulting offers political and business risk assessments that are specifically tailored to the requirements of corporate decision makers.

Whether you are an investor, trader, insurer or business executive seeking to enter into an unfamiliar country, or even if you already have a well-established presence, understanding the ever-changing political and business environment is critical to the success of your mission. It is often the case that the actual political, economic, business and social dynamics within a country or region are significantly different from what appears on the surface or in the media. An independent risk assessment is vital in sorting out fact and insight from propaganda and gossip.

Political and business risk assessments can save valuable time and costs if conducted in the early stages of a business evaluation; issues can be identified that may need to be addressed before a company decides to commit considerable resources to proceed with the transaction. These assessments can also be used to decide if political risk insurance coverage is required to mitigate potential risks, such as the non-honouring of sovereign guarantees, the imposition of foreign currency controls or the cancellation of operating licenses.

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