Infrastructure Valuation Services

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

March 6, 2019

Accounting fair value standards and increased regulatory scrutiny have brought the need for greater transparency and independence and better governance to the way valuation is approached for alternative investments, such as infrastructure funds.

FTI Consulting provides independent portfolio valuation services across a broad range of infrastructure assets for fund managers and superannuation funds. We offer services throughout the fund life cycle, delivering portfolio valuations quickly, economically and with the transparency and rigor to withstand scrutiny.

With a team that includes former equity analysts, asset managers and bankers, we combine hands-on financial services experience with deep technical expertise to help clients navigate the challenges of valuing illiquid, unlisted and complex securities.

Key Services

  • Valuing portfolios assets for unit pricing, tax consolidation and financial reporting
  • Reviewing and balancing financial models to support portfolio assets
  • Structuring and valuing share incentive plans for executives and employees
  • Advising on industry ‘best practice’ for developing and implementing valuation policies and procedures, including establishing a valuation committee to fully meet compliance requirements
  • Structuring and valuing share incentive plans for executives and employees
  • Preparing or reviewing calculations for management incentive pay-offs during exits and exit-triggering events

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