Infrastructure and Precinct Advisory (IPA)

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November 20, 2020

bridge under construction

Population growth pressures and evolving community expectations are influencing the way cities and regions are planned. In response, Governments and industry are changing the way in which infrastructure is planned and delivered.

At FTI Consulting, we recognise this shifting landscape and partner with our clients to look at land use and infrastructure holistically. This approach supports decision making that enhances liveability for our communities.

Infrastructure strategy and delivery is complex as there are a range of stakeholders with varying needs at its core. We bring our deep technical expertise and a long track record of delivery to help our clients navigate this complexity and improve decision-making by providing evidence-based analysis and critical insights from the concept phase through to delivery of capital assets.

Our experts have a demonstrated track record for the provision of independent and rigorous economic and financial advice in relation to infrastructure projects from concept assessments through to the activation of public space.

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