Impact of Brexit on HR and the Workforce

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April 13, 2018

The shape of Brexit remains unclear. Many HR and leadership teams are focusing their efforts on addressing the uncertainty within their organisations while also planning for a variety of post-Brexit scenarios. Whatever the outcome, it could have a direct and immediate impact on a considerable number of people.

If your company has operations in the UK and Europe and employs people from different Member States or if your business has extended supply chains and commercial interests across both markets; your business could be impacted, causing concern amongst your workforce. In both cases you need to be ready and prepared to manage a people process that:

  • Seeks to create a positive mindset
  • Addresses the immediate as details emerge throughout an extended negotiation process
  • Manages longer-term HR issues

Ultimately it is the role of the management team to show human leadership but also to identify new commercial opportunities and minimise potential negative impact.

Key areas:

  • Attraction and retention of key talent
  • The status of employees – UK nationals employed in the EU and EU nationals employed in the UK
  • The lack of clarity around the hiring of British and European nationals in each respective market beyond March 2019
  • Ability to source additional labour needs at peak/seasonal periods
  • Passporting of professional qualifications
  • Impact on global mobility and UK business ability to move staff where needed

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