IERs for Transactions & Restructurings

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

June 18, 2019

FTI Consulting provides objective, well-supported and competitively-priced independent expert’s reports (IERs) in transactions and restructurings to assist shareholders with their decision-making.

As a global leader in transaction and restructuring solutions to companies, boards, investors, lenders and creditors, we deliver IERs that are:

  • Commercial, informed by our deep understanding of circumstances that can prompt a transaction or restructuring.
  • Compliant with the various regulatory guides published by ASIC, ASX Listing rules and Corporations Act.
  • Rigorous and can withstand scrutiny from ASIC and other regulators – having regularly prepared valuations in a litigation or contentious context.
  • Delivered quickly – our specialist industry knowledge and experience across a broad range of situations means we can act immediately for clients and ascertain the key issues quickly.
  • Offered across a range of transactions & restructuring situations including pre-pack administrations, schemes of arrangement, sales to related parties or as required under the Corporations Act and ASX Listing rules.

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