FTI Investigate


April 1, 2014

Investigations can vary widely—from whistle blower allegations, government inquiries and subpoenas, to corporate due diligence, potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) violations, and financial fraud. Often, the only consistent requirements across investigations are short time frames and an urgent need to keep sensitive data secure. When you then add any number of common variables, such as foreign and local data privacy laws to high data volumes, corporations face significant challenges executing internal investigations in a defensible manner.

FTI Investigate Delivers Rapid Results

No matter the type, geography or scale of the investigation, FTI Technology delivers right-sized solutions comprising expert forensic investigators and leading e-discovery technology. With the ability to deploy in a matter of hours, our experts enable you to increase efficiency, reduce costs and speed your understanding of the core issues surrounding the investigation, even while early investigative interviews are taking place. We offer advanced technology to collect, process and review massive amounts of documents without having to transfer the electronically stored information (ESI) off-site to another jurisdiction.

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