Expert Witness Services

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

November 3, 2014

The Expert Witness Service offering of FTI Consulting perform a vital role in litigation. The credibility of your witnesses can make or break a case. Complex litigation requires the insight of experienced professionals who understand the practical application of traditional and emerging financial theories. When unique expertise is required, FTI Consulting offers access to renowned and respected professionals with highly specialised knowledge. Our practicing professionals bring real-world experience to your case.

We provide consulting services to our clients at all stages of the legal process, in both civil and criminal proceedings. We use proven methodologies to analyse financial records and business conduct, to assist counsel when determining potential causes of action and potential recoveries, and to assist in developing and responding to interrogatories or other discovery requests. We critique opposing expert analyses, issue reports, and offer financial advice throughout the litigation and settlement process.

FTI Consulting professionals assist in: researching relevant economic, industry and market data; discovery requests and responses; preparing expert opinions, affidavits and reports; and examining opposing expert opinions. During the discovery phase, we help our clients analyse key issues by finding the relevant documentation and uncovering the critical evidence.

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