Asset Searching Investigation

Global Risk & Investigations Practice (GRIP)

January 5, 2015

The FTI Consulting Global Risk and Investigations practice undertakes sophisticated investigations, uncovers actionable intelligence and performs value-added analysis to help decision-makers address and mitigate risk, protect assets, make informed decisions and maximise opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to business critical investigations. Our multi-cultural teams combine the skill and experience of former senior law enforcement officials and regulators with forensic accountants, anti-corruption investigators, economic researchers, academic analysts, and computer forensic, electronic evidence and enterprise data specialists based around the world.

FTI Consulting has extensive experience in the identification and location of assets and advising clients on recovery. Many of our asset search investigations are international and can be undertaken either overtly or discreetly.

We have successfully assisted clients and their legal advisors in identifying all types of assets, both directly and indirectly owned or controlled by individuals and/or corporate entities. We also design and execute strategies for the recovery of misappropriated assets or those assets that satisfy a judgment. In addition, we undertake financial worth inquiries to support informed corporate decision-making in relation to potential transactions or litigation.

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