June 27, 2016

Information management is becoming increasingly costly and complex. Unexpected discovery requests are increasing, data breaches are becoming constant threats and new regulations on electronically-stored information raise daunting compliance issues. FTI Consulting’s Technology segment offers the industry’s most comprehensive and effective solutions for managing the high-stakes risks of the information age.

The better equipped an organisation is to capture and reduce data to a meaningful set of documents, the more time and money it will save in the review process. Once data has been forensically imaged, our analytical tools and investigative experience allows us to locate potential evidence, often including evidence that a suspect has sought to delete or conceal. Electronic evidence can be the key investigative tool in the successful resolution of allegations of fraud, corruption, malfeasance, theft of proprietary material and other suspected impropriety.

FTI Consulting offers corporations and law firms the industry’s best software solutions for any e-discovery challenge, helping them to shorten the review process and significantly reduce cost.

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