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April 26, 2019

Piracy of copyrighted content – whether software applications, movies, television shows, music or games – is growing more pervasive due to technological advancements that enable for easier connecting and sharing of materials. From eager fans downloading illegal copies of their favorite TV show before the release date, to employees unknowingly copying pirated software at work, piracy is a global issue with substantial financial implications.

The Traditional Approach to Combatting Online Piracy is Too Reactive and Slow

Over the years a number of best practices have emerged to prevent piracy. This includes:

  • Reaching out to ISPs to help block URLs that are suspected or proven to be hosting content illegitimately;
  • Involving credit card companies and search engines in curbing the revenue side of the piracy for websites selling premium content at a cheaper rate;
  • Working with law-enforcement agencies on a case by case basis for taking legal action against suspects.

However, these actions can only be made after the offending website is identified, and can often take days, weeks or longer to complete. In other words, these actions are too reactive and slow to adequately address today’s online piracy challenges.

As a recent example, an Indian entertainment company obtained a court order to block over 12,000 domains names at the ISP level, to prevent piracy of a soon-to-be-released sci-fi movie. Unfortunately for them, this approach didn’t work as a well-known piracy website still managed to leak a complete copy of the movie one day after the release date by making a small change in the domain name.

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