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April 26, 2019

FTI Technology helps clients meet their dynamic legal and regulatory challenges with innovative e-discovery solutions.

From maximising the use of in-house tools, to managing the entire process as an outsourced managed service, FTI Consulting offers a broad range of flexible solutions that focus not only on the technical tools, but also on the policies and procedures that support the entire process.

We differentiate our e-discovery consulting services through:

Data Reduction

Less data in the e-discovery process can result in dramatically lower costs. We help organisations proactively remediate redundant, old and trivial information, collect only what is necessary, cull data through early case assessments, and utilise Technology Assisted Review and analytics for smarter and more efficient reviews. Through every step of the process, data reduction is defensibly achieved.

Process Workflow

Our team can help clients more effectively manage data from inception through the production. No matter the type or size of the matter, we can leverage proven, out-of-the-box workflows or design custom processes to quickly and cost-effectively deliver results. We work within program parameters to develop standardised processes and templates, implement best practices, and document final workflows that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model.

Best-Of-Breed Technology

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for e-discovery. A number of variables make each organisation unique – including industry, litigation profile, internal resources, company culture, geographic footprint, and technology infrastructure. We understand these requirements and deliver solution-oriented products and services to meet client needs. This includes providing best-of-breed technology and where possible, leveraging the client’s existing IT investments.

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