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March 15, 2019

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FTI Consulting’s China Services Desk advises clients on a broad range of business challenges including IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual and real property, international dispute resolution, international trade and government enforcement and investigations.

As the two largest economies in the world, opportunities for cross-border business and investment are compelling for Chinese and U.S. businesses. FTI Consulting's China Services Desk was established to help Chinese entities engage in business globally and for international companies to conduct business in China.

FTI Consulting understands China’s complex, ever-changing business environment and the culture that drives it. We have been actively involved in the Chinese market for decades, helping U.S. and Chinese businesses with business planning and expansion, corporate governance and compliance, intellectual property and international trade. One of our key offerings is helping Chinese businesses maximize their value as they prepare to go public in the United States.

An IPO requires well-planned and strategic communications before, during and after the event. FTI Consulting has helped companies of all sizes successfully navigate their entry into the equity markets — from the preparation of the registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to the development of the IPO road show and outreach plans for investors, employees and regulators. We develop compelling investment stories and understand what investors and other stakeholders want and need to hear.

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