Growing Up with E-discovery in Australia

Technology | LawyersWeekly, January 21, 2020 (Reprint)

March 4, 2020

The Australian e-discovery landscape has seen rapid growth and major change over the last decade. Larger data volumes, tighter timeframes and more complex litigation and investigations are all increasing pressure on legal teams.

FTI Consulting’s technology team has been at the forefront of e-discovery in Australia during this time. Our team includes some of Australia’s e-discovery pioneers who have worked with legal teams on significant local and global e-discovery matters, and seen and processed just about every type of data. As e-discovery has grown and evolved in Australia – so too has FTI Consulting.

In this Lawyers Weekly article, we discuss recent exciting developments for FTI Consulting’s Technology team including welcoming new team and expanding our offerings to better address your most critical data and e-discovery challenges.

This is an extract from LawyersWeekly's Growing up with e-discovery in Australia, first published January 21, 2020. The whole publication is available at

"For over a decade, FTI Consulting has worked on some of Australia and the world’s most significant e-discovery matters.

With a Technology team that includes some of the country’s e-discovery pioneers, we have seen and processed just about every type and size of data imaginable. And we continue to see rapid growth in the Australian e-discovery market, especially recently.

The Banking Royal Commission in 2018 is a prime example. The sheer magnitude of data that had to be collected and processed within incredibly tight timeframes set by the Commissioner demonstrated what can be achieved in the most time sensitive of reviews.

And as the Australian e-discovery landscape continues to grow and evolve, so too has FTI Consulting, including the last 12 months."

Reproduced with permission. This article was originally published on the Legalwise website.

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