Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide: Private Equity, Distressed Debt and Special Situations in Australia

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

February 1, 2015

FTI Consulting's Quentin Olde contributed an article to Corporate LiveWire's Expert Guide on Investment Funds 2015 magazine, which briefly examines the Australian private equity, distressed debt and special situations market.  

Over the last 18 months the deal flow for the private equity and credit hedge funds has been mixed. Private equity deals made up just 6%, by volume, of all Australian deals in 2014.

Recorded volumes and values for the year were broadly similar to 2013 levels, though they were low compared to the U.S. and UK markets for which private equity deals accounted for 25% of deal activity. This may reflect the historic weighting of the Australian economy to resources, property and infrastructure which do not necessarily lend them to PE investment.

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