Burmese Days: Will Ethnic Tensions Ward Off Foreign Investment in Myanmar?

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November 8, 2013

Although the 2010 elections and subsequent reform policies under the new President, Thein Sein have altered the political landscape and opened the floodgates for foreign investment in Myanmar, there has been increasing concern over the state of security in the country, highlighting the need for thorough due diligence and regular security assessments.

A recent wave of terrorist attacks in city centres has caused security concerns for foreign tourists and companies entering the country. Since 11 October, at least eight explosive devices have been detonated in four different states. Three people have been killed and several others injured, including an American woman in the Traders Hotel in Yangon. A number of undetonated explosives have also been discovered, which are said to be similar in construction and very likely planted by a single organisation. There has been much speculation as to who was responsible for the bombings.

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