Reap what you Sow: Planting Time for Australian Agriculture

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September 9, 2015

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Australia sparked controversy by opening its mines to foreign interests and some in the country would have the government build high walls around its pantry.

In the past few months Australia has further solidified ties with China through a free-trade deal and by signing up to the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, controlled by China.

This has inevitably made some people nervous but these are exciting times and Australia is attempting something of a reinvention of its economy now the mining boom is not booming.

Australia’s reliance on mining exports has long been a worry, with former government adviser Andrew Charlton this month claiming in a research report for AlphaBeta that even low-income countries such as Nepal, Kenya and Tanzania have greater export diversity.

The task is not easy but the agriculture sector — one of PM Tony Abbott’s “Five Pillars” — should be giving politicians food for thought.

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