An Interview with Scottish Development International's Asia Pacific Executive Director, Julian Taylor

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March 14, 2014

FTI Consulting sits down with Julian Taylor, Scottish Development International's Asia Pacific Executive Director, to discuss his organisation's goals, operations and ambitious strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

Could you give us an overview of Scottish Development International , its operations and strategy, particularly in Asia ?

Scotland is a country with incredible ambition. Scotland is committed to growing its economy; growing it in a way that is sustainable and fair, with the most international perspective possible. Whilst there may be some way to go in Scotland’s journey, there is such a great track record to build on and amazing potential. The job of Scottish Development International (SDI) is to help realise that potential.

In the simplest terms, we work with Scottish companies to help them trade overseas. We work with companies in Asia to help them invest in Scotland.

We are an agency of the Scottish Government, part of Scottish Enterprise and its sister organisation Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the domestic economic development agencies. We are also members of a wider "Team Scotland" which brings together the tourism promotion agency VisitScotland, the universities and colleges through the Scottish Funding Council and other public partners, from Creative Scotland to Transport Scotland.

This has built a sense of common purpose: working with the private sector as well as across all the major industrial sectors in the Scottish economy, we aim to provide direction for future growth so that the public and private sectors, alongside the academic institutions, can focus on those areas where Scotland has real competitive advantage.

In Asia Pacific, we have trade and investment teams in all the major cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Delhi, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney . These teams drive and promote Scotland’s interests in these markets across a range of sectors, from oil, gas and renewables, to life sciences, to food and drink and financial services. There are some things at which Scotland is simply amongst the best in the world. That's what we focus on.

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