2020 Online Retail Forecast in Australia

Retail E-Commerce and the Pandemic: One-Time Windfall or Game-Changer?

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December 3, 2020

This has been an unexpected banner year for online retail sales. Australia has been impacted by business shutdowns and social-distancing practices, restricting mobility and forcing shoppers to adapt.

In April, as retail and recreation visitation plummeted to 76% below its baseline, online sales increased by 546.5 million or 26.4%. This development has profound implications for the retail sector, not just in 2020 but for the decade ahead, as many shoppers won’t completely go back to their old spending ways in a post-COVID world.

Our 2020 Online Retail Forecast highlights the key COVID-19 Australian retail trends and how it may change in the future.

2020 Online Retail Forecast in Australia
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