Data & Analytics

The complexity of financial systems and globalisation of business processes challenge organisations to preserve and analyse transactional data to identify relevant transactions specific to a litigation and to prevent and detect fraud.

The firm’s Data & Analytics (D&A) team delivers strategic business solutions to clients requiring in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data. Our professionals — respected experts in technology, finance, forensic accounting and the law — map relationships among various systems and geographies, mine for specific transaction, and uncover patterns that may signal fraudulent activity.

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Our Service Offerings

Data Analytics

The firm’s Data & Analytics team relies upon a number of analytical software packages to join disparate datasets into a single repository, perform various analyses upon them, and identify trends, patterns and outliers to detect fraud.

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Fraud Detection & Investigations

The analysts at FTI Consulting identify fraud, determine how it occurred and implement safeguards to minimise the risk of recurrence. We also can assist with the recovery of assets lost to fraud and identify those that may be linked to it.

Our industry-leading experts spearhead investigations into the facts and circumstances surrounding potential incidents of fraudulent activity. We also analyse financial data to assist companies with risk avoidance and mitigation measures in their operations or business transactions.

FTI Consulting has been engaged to monitor compliance, investigate fraud and mitigate the damage from fraudulent activities in these and other areas of specialisation:

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System Audits/IT Due Diligence

The D&A team performs audits and IT due diligence, often as part of the M&A process. Independent, third-party due-diligence on complex, low-latency, high-frequency, transactional IT environments has become crucial in today’s data-intensive industries.


We produce simple but detailed visualisations from complex data sources, making it easier to identify abnormalities.  Visualisation of complex information offers clients a clearer sense of the problem vs. the confusion caused by tables of numbers. The D&A team uses several software programs to create visualisations, including Tableau.

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